Simple Tips For Choosing Tile

designer tilesNothing can give your bathroom or kitchen a face lift like choosing tile. However, there are a wide range of tiles available.

So how can you make the best choice? These days you can search for tile form all over the world. So you want to select a tile that is not only beautiful but durable as well.

For example, stain resistant tile might be great for a kitchen counter. While water and mold resistant tiles are better for the bathroom.

There are also tiles that are better suited for back splashes than counters.

 Where Are You Putting Your New Tile?

Let’s think about where the new tile is going first. For example if you are going to re-tile your bathroom, you want to take stock of the existing fixture. What sort of colors are already there. Are the fixtures silver or brass? Is the tile going to surround the bath or are you tilling the floors?

All of these factors are things to consider. For example, if you are surrounding the tub, you may want to go for a neutral color. That way you walls won’t need to be repainted to match. Light beige and even pale gray make an excellent choice.

How durable is the tile?

When choosing tile it’s important you pick the right type for the job. Some times may not be suitable for surfaces where food is regularly prepared. While others may be specially treated to resist mold and mildew.

Talk to your tile salesperson before you buy. Explain where the tile is going. He or she should be able to help you pick a tile type that is just right for the job.

For countertops, glazed tiling is especially nice. This type of tile has an nice glass like finish. that is non-porous.

Tile Color

Choosing the right tile colors is also a concern. When it comes to tiling and design — sometimes opposites do indeed attract.

For example, if you have brightly colored walls, consider marble mosaic tile as a more subdued option. Soft and neutral colors are usually a smart idea.

If you have a more neutral decor than consider tiles that are little more daring. Or those with flecks of color. This can serve to create an accent wall or back splash.

Reflective tiles look quite nice in the bathroom and help add depth.

There are all sorts of beautiful and strong tiles in a variety of colors.